Tools and Ingredients

Ingredients of Amezaiku


【Candy】...It is very important to prepare the right candy in terms of hardness, depending to seasons, weather, and temperature. If the candy is too soft, it will be difficult to sculp. The candy cannot keep in good shape, too. On the other hand, if the candy is too hard, it gets harden so quick that there will not be enough time to shape the details.

【Food Colors】...Various coloring is possible by using three primary colors - red,blue,and yellow.

【Chopsticks】...Or plastic straw. In old days It used to be reed stem.

Amezaiku Tools


【Scissors】... Traditional Japanese scissors, called "Wa-Basami" or "Nigiri-Basami".→

【Paint Brushes】...Fine Point Brushes

【Wooden Box】...The material is heated and kept warm in it. Contains all tools.






【Pump】...Amezaiku artisans in old days used only a small amount of candy on the end of a reed stem, and enlarged and shaped it by blowing in air, similar to glass-blowing.
It is also possible by using a rubber pump nowadays.


【Charcoal briquette】...It is also possible by using an electric heater.→

Gotta practice so hard with burning fingers.

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