Thoughts on Demonstrations

In the more than 20 years that I have been doing traveling demonstrations, I have experienced so many different places and opportunities. At times, for just one person. At other times, for hundreds of guests. Sometimes it's a surprise appearance, and sometimes there's a line of people waiting for their turn that can last an hour or more. But no matter what the occasion, the one thing that has never changed is the feeling that "for me, it may be one of a hundred of pieces, but for my guests, it's the only one. I want them to be happy. I often feel "it's tough" after I've finished a job, but I've gotten used to it, and I'm fine with it. I am doing it with that kind of feeling. Well then,

When making a request

I can demonstrate for a variety of occasions, from small home parties to large festivals, fairs, and receptions for international conferences.

If you have a definite date in mind, please "tentatively" confirm the schedule first. If you are completely undecided, but would like to schedule the event around a certain time, it is also better to confirm the schedule so that the process will go smoothly. Most preliminary meetings are conducted by E-mail, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Based on my past experience, I can provide demonstrations for a wide range of situations, so please feel free to consult with me.

Event Details

About the number of pieces

I can accommodate from about 10-20 pieces to 100, 200, 300 or more, depending on your needs. I have served up to 300 pieces per day for a one-hour party at overseas events. If you do not need a large number of pieces, I can add some special finishing touches. If the number of pieces is large, I will prepare and bring in the pieces made in advance and combine them with the ones that will be made during the demonstration time.

About the demonstration Time

Depending on your needs, the shortest demonstration may last 10 to 15 minutes, and the longest net demonstration may last 5 to 6 hours in a day. The pieces may be served all at once at a set event start time, or the demonstration may be divided into several sessions, with breaks in between, to accommodate the guests who come to the event separately. I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. If you have any questions about what kind of setting would be best for your event, I can make suggestions based on my experience.

Items that need to be prepared at the site of the demonstration

  • Power Supply (A single regular outlet. Overseas: A down trans converter for 100v is preferred, not necessarily.)
  • Table
  • Parking (Japan domestic)

For distant locations

  • Travel is by bullet train or plane, or by car when bringing my own street cart. (Japan domestic)
  • Bullet train travel is possible when the number of candies is up to 200 pieces for one day event.(If more than that, I will drive or arrive the day before to prepare.)
  • For plane travel, the number of candies is up to 200 pieces for one day event. (If more than that, I will arrive the day before to prepare.)
  • For a longer period overseas, consult me. For example, it is possible to provide 100 pieces every day for 4 straight days.

I understand that you may have some concerns about your request, so please feel free to ask.

About hands-on experience

I have been getting more and more questions like, "Can the participants just try it out for a bit?" And I have been receiving an increasing number of requests for hands-on events. In addition to demonstrations, I have often offered small hands-on Amezaiku experiences, classes, and workshops.

Candy Ballon Making - a small scale experience, Difficulty: low, Can be done on the spot, Small children are welcome

This is the easiest experience to incorporate into an event. (This is something I usually do in conjunction with demonstrations when I can). Anyone can do it, from children to adults. If small children are not able to do it well, parents or siblings can help them during the process. Of course, you can take home the candy balloon you made. The candy ballon making is also a game, so you can give a present to the child who does well!

Hands-on experience, Difficulty: low to various, Content: candy balloon + α, For both children and adults

Space preparation is only required for the number of people, and can be done at a table at home for a few people, or in a hotel conference room for 30 students on a school excursion. I bring in all the necessary tools and equipment. Everyone has a great time, making candy balloons, trying their hand at making any shape they want, or even simple animals, and losing track of time.

Workshop, Difficulty: Low to intermediate, Content: Basic animal shapes

Since I am invited as an instructor to those who are interested in making Amezaiku, I will practice several forms of Amezaiku with the aim of "learning how to make Amezaiku even a little" in addition to having fun. Example: Culinary school, Corporate training

The format and content of these experiences vary depending on the age and number of participants and the purpose of the event, so please consult with me when planning your event.