Takahiro Mizuki

A traditional Japanese Amezaiku artisan
Takahiro Mizuki

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1971. After graduating from university, He worked as a local government official before becoming an Amezaiku-shi in his 20s. He has been an Amezaiku-shi for over 20 years, and continues to travel all over the world throughout the year to give demonstrations. He has visited 11 countries for demonstrations, for a total of 26 times. His activities have been covered by international media, and his work has been listed in an authoritative French book on candy crafts from around the world.

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Overseas Performances

U.S.Abirthday party for a very rich 12 year old girl
Abu Dhabiinternational exchange events / gifts for His Highness
Indonesiagovernment related events
Italyprime minister's Party
Republic of Koreacultural events, Japanese embassy
Kuwaitinternational exchange
Saudi Arabiainternational exchange / Gamers 8
Switzerlandinvited by the Alimentarium museum / DAVOS 2020
Dubaiinternational exchange
Bahraincultural event, Japanese embassy
FranceJapan Expo
Belgium150th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations, Japanese embassy
Amezaiku is a Japanese traditional culture

The Amezaiku candy sculpting has been practiced since the Edo period and is a "Japanese art of the moment". We hope you will enjoy the delicate shapes created by a single pair of scissors and traditional skills up close and personal. If you would like to request an animal of your choice, the craftsman will make it on the spot.